Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ghost Facts (google.com)

Want to See a Ghost? You May Have Already Seen One

Of course many of us probably have seen ghosts and not even realized it. For instance, that pale teenage girl on the bench in the train station or the elderly woman trudging along the side of the road may not be a living being at all. Who actually stops to check each person they encountered?

Five Signs It May Be a Ghost 1. The figure is unusually pale. 2. You glance away for an instant, and he or she is gone. 3. The "person" is seen in an unusual place, such as on a deserted road or peering from the window of an abandoned house. 4. The "person" ignores you when you speak to it--through sometimes ghosts do interact with people. 5. The "person" is dressed in inappropriate or outdated clothing, such as a raincoat in the middle of summer or an outfit from another era.

Place Memories A place memory is a recording of a past event that has been imprinted on the environment. Images (and sometimes sounds) are inexplicably impressed upon a place and later replayed in a phenomenon that is similar to watching a loop of movie film. In some cases, the "ghosts" seen belong to people who are alive and well who have simply moved on and are unaware they've left a "movie" of themselves behind. Scientist have yet to identify all the factors necessary to create a place memory. It is believed that powerful emotional events most often cause place memories to brand the environment. Place memories are usually replayed when the conditions are right. An intense moment ona rainy July seventh night, for instance, may replay itself ona nother rainy night on a July seventh.

Ghost or Night Terror?

While experts agree that sightings by children should not be dismissed, paretns should consider all possibilities. For instance, a scream in the night may signal a night terror. A night terror is an abrupt arousal from slow-wave sleep (stage 3 or 4), most often early in the night. It is most common in young children and is frequently marked by a terrified scream. The child can appear to be awake, and may be violent, but later will unusually have no recollection of the experience. Parents who suspect their children are suffering from this sleep disorder should consult a physician, as the episodes can be harmful for kids--or adults--who unknowingly put themselves in dangerous situations.

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